QC​0905 444 8172 
Makati: 0995 911 0881
Alabang: 0927 009 5558 / 0920 429 6520
Cavite: 0967 315 9110
Pampanga: 0956 754 4555
Pampanga Fship Hiway: 0931 108 9808

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Doc Rob 

The Peoples Chiropractor

The Doc Rob Story

Excerpt Taken From The Best Selling Book Doc Rob's Guide To Better Health & Wellness

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Giving Back With Chiropractic 

Doc Rob is a man with a mission and outside of the transformations, he performs day in and day on his patient's health and wellbeing you can always find him out there in the local Filipino community helping to educate and improve the lives of everyday people with the Doc Rob Wellness Mission.

Doc Rob The All-Around Athlete

Doc Rob has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. He started playing sports when he was six and hasn't stopped since.
 Baseball. basketball. football you name it he has played it.  He not only like the discipline playing sports installed in 
him, he also loves the challenge and the competition. He's always working on improving himself.

Doc Rob The Family Guy

Above all his tireless work and dedication to impacting the health & wellness of peoples lives
Doc Rob is a devoted husband and father to his wife Patricia Javier & his two sons Robert & James

Doc Rob The Award Winner

Recognition & reward for his achievements  Doc Rob receiving his awards for services
 and dedication to making the world a better and healthier place with chiropractic care