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Your Quezon City Team

Dr. Robert Walcher

 At age 20, Doc Rob hurt his back severely and was unable to work or even tie his shoes. He went to the orthopedist and received medication and a referral to a physical therapist. After two weeks, still in pain, his father recommended he try chiropractic. As a biology major in college, Doc Rob was interested in anatomy and health and wanted to try something different. An adjustment took just five minutes to significantly change Doc Rob’s path. He had an epiphany and felt blown away that something so quick could be that powerful. It was then he knew that he wanted to enter the profession and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.

Relocating to the Philippines

Doc Rob graduated in 2000, then opened a clinic in San Diego. In 2013, he was ready to make a change. His wife Patricia Javier is a former actress from the Philippines, and they wanted to move their family there while the children were young. Doc Rob sold his practice, and they relocated to the Philippines intending to stay for a short period. After understanding the demand for chiropractic care in Quezon City and seeing the transformations it made in the lives of people, Doc Rob opened the first Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic location. The second clinic in Makati CBD followed two years later. People come from all over the Philippines, some even travelling by aeroplane, to see Doc Rob and experience the incredible results of his care. He has years of experience in caring for all ages and different conditions and is the former team chiropractor for the Blackwater Elite PBA team.

An Active Lifestyle
Doc Rob enjoys staying fit in his spare time. He competes in CrossFit and has won competitions in the Philippines and took third place in the Asia championships. He and his wife have two children, and Doc Rob makes every effort to balance his home and work lives to make the most of life in Quezon City with his family.

Dr. Jill Chapman

 Dr. Jill Chapman has been a Chiropractor for over twenty years, her goal has been is to introduce and share chiropractic care with all to alleviate stress on the nervous system allowing for optimal performance for all organs of the body.

Dr. Jill’s first experience with chiropractic was due to a car accident at the age of 21. She was suffering from headaches, neck, and back pain and was unable to turn her head. Upon receiving her first Chiropractic adjustment, she knew this was her life's passion.

 Dr. Jill attended Palmer Chiropractic, West and graduated in 2000. She practiced in San Diego County until mid 2019, when she moved to the Philippines to join her former classmate Dr. Rob at his practice in Quezon City. In 2020, she was moved to Dr. Rob’s Makati branch.
Throughout her career she has mastered several chiropractic techniques including, but not limited to Diversified, Palmer Package, Thompson, and Activator Techniques.

This extensive range of techniques allows her to provide specific personalized care for patients of all ages.

Desiree Bautista

Sales Manager 

Skekinah Jumawan

Patient Coordinator & Product Sales 

Yen Naga

Patient Coordinator 

Your Makati Team

Doc Michael

Doc Michael comes from Toronto, Canada and has been living in the Philippines since 2019.   He attended the New York Chiropractic College in 2015, graduating with the Distinguished Service Award.  Following this, Dr. Michael worked in multi-disciplinary clinics treating patients with various types of concerns, building experience and expertise in his Chiropractic practice. 

In 2010, Dr. Michael lived in Korea teaching English and during this time, he discovered more of Asia and the opportunities in the region. A few years after practising back in Toronto, he decided to move abroad, this time in the Philippines so he could extend his work and help people get well through Chiropractic.

Doc Michael believes in a holistic approach to healthcare for one to be fully healthy and enjoy an improved quality of life.  He is constantly striving to perfect his techniques and add to his repertoire of skills to provide the best care possible for each patient.

Doc Michael has been involved in martial arts his entire life.  He currently trains in both Muay Thai and Boxing keeping his mind and body fit. 

Nisse Marantal

Patient Coordinator

Jocelyn Sayo

Patient Coordinator

Your Alabang Team

Dr Pierrot Henz

Doc Piero  was born in Switzerland and grew up in France in the farm of his parents. As a hyperactive young boy, attracted by asian culture through movies and animes, he decided to take Karate classes and became a high level athlete in the field (4 times French champion). Later, a severe injury at the leg preventing him to do kicks for many months, despite treated by classic medical care, but without success.

 A friend recommend him to try chiropractic at the time, which he did without conviction. That’s how he discovered the power of chiropractic, which totally and quickly helped his body to heal, and especially made him change his way of thinking about health. Initially destined to become an architect, he got his licence of building and civil engineering technician, but after a long consideration, he finally choose to take advantage of masterizing his body’s movements, thanks to Karate, to become a chiropractor instead

. Hence his passion for structure and body performance shaped his vision of chiropractic all along his study in Paris since 2010.Doc Piero graduated in 2016, worked in Paris then Switzerland, where he helps hundreds of patients improving their health. In 2019, he wanted to experience living abroad and choose to work in Hong Kong. Multiple times, he went in vacation in Philippine where he felt in love with the country, its people and its beautiful islands.

Curious about how chiropractors are experiencing their life here, he met Doc Rob who inspires him the possibility to practice here. But massive protest in HK and then the Covid 19 pandemic forced him to go back in Switzerland, where he worked in the prestigious CHUV of Lausanne, the 10th world best hospital hospital according to Statista. But as soon as the Philippines’ borders opened, Doc Piero came here directly to pursue hi career and hopefully find the place he belongs.

Ivy Cantor

Sales Manager

Miriam Rodriguez

Patient Coordinator

Dea Sayo

Patient Coordinator

Mariette Sayo

Patient Coordinator

Your Cavite Team

Dr Storm

 Doc Storm was in the restaurant business when a minor car accident reactivated serious back problems from injuries he had when he was younger. A nurse friend referred him to her chiropractor, and when one simple touch changed the strength of his muscles in an instant, he was shocked and had to learn what had happened.
So, Doc Storm graduated in 1981 in Portland, Oregon, USA, and passed his licensing boards on the first attempt. He has become an expert in spinal adjusting and extremity adjusting, helping everyone from ordinary house wives to Black Belt martial artists with their spine and joint injuries. He has refined his skill to make it quick and simple, so that he can maximize his clinic time to restore and save lives.

 Doc Storm first came the Philippines to visit a retired friend in 1994 and fell in love with the country. He has been providing chiropractic services in the Philippines since 2012. Happily, hs saw Irene within 2 weeks of moving here, and they have been married for eight years. Doc Storm is seeking to become a Filipino citizen and will stay for the rest of his life.




Your Pampanga Team

Dr. Mike Murphy

Mike grew up in San Jose, California, where he graduated from Palmer College ofChiropractic West in March 2000.Call to AdventureA few months after graduating, Dr. Mike heard his call to adventure - To share professional chiropractic care with communities who don’t have ready access to it.
That call led him torelocate overseas to Malaysia where Dr. Mike became a true chiropractic pioneer by helpingopen and manage the first chiropractic clinic in the southern state of Johor.In 2018, Dr. Mike relocated from Malaysia to the Philippines and helped open a new clinic inDavao City, Davao.In 2022 Dr. Mike moved from Davao to Luzon and joined Doc Rob’s amazing team ofchiropractors.

Here, Dr. Mike is blessed to help open another chiropractic clinic, this time inAngeles City, Pampanga, with a focus on corrective care and family wellness.SMILE, it’s only Chiropractic!We’re family here at Doc Rob’s Chiropractic. Doc Rob and Patricia have created an amazingenvironment for dedicated doctors, caring staff, and communities to come together and formlasting relationships centered around healing pain, restoring health, and developing wellness.

On behalf of the entire Pampanga team, please accept Dr. Mike’s warm invitation to visit us. AtDoc Rob’s, your health is our priority.Dr. Murphy has successfully passed Parts I, II, III, IV, and Physiotherapy of the National Boardof Chiropractic Examiners, maintains active licensure in the USA and is registered with PITACH.

Ruby Sunga 

Sales Coordinator

Ella Frias

Patient Coordinator

Jess Calguias

Patient Coordinator

Pampanga Friendship Road Team

Dr. Mark Peter Robson

Born in a small town of 20,000 people surrounded by wilderness and mountains I learned to scuba dive at age 16, became a pilot at 17, parachuted, snow skied, mountain climbed and switched from water skiing to sailing my 37-foot Seabird Sailboat. Triathlons were my passion and I loved working with Olympic Teams, Elite Athletes, Indy Car drivers and celebrities such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and David Foster.
While creating 4 Chiropractic clinics in Canada from 1982 - 2005 I became a Professional Speaker and Inspirational Entertainer specializing in Stress Management, Corporate Consulting, Human Capital Development, Humor and Longevity.
In 2005 I sold “Everything” and moved to Singapore in South East Asia for the “Adventure of a Lifetime” and I never returned to Canada again except for occasional Holidays.
For the past 18 years I’ve been Corporate Training clients such as, Exxon Mobil, Walt Disney, Transocean and many other international Corporate Giants. I then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia for 11 years where I developed a large Chiropractic Practice and continued Corporate Consulting.
After living in Bali for 2 years I finally landed in Manila, Philippines in 2016 where I fell in love and married my beautiful Pinay wife, Kimberly.
I then consulted and expanded a chiropractic company for 2 years, created my own Chiropractic clinic in BGC and a Naturopathic/Spinal Wellness Center in Nasugbu, Batangas. After 2 years of province lifestyle Kimberly and I travelled the islands in search of a new home.
We decided to plant ourselves here in Angeles City, Pampanga where I chose to work as an Associate Certified Naturopathic Practitioner in their brand new “Doc Rob & Associates, Vitality Wellness Center” here in Angeles City, Pampanga.
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