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 5 Star Reviews 

I recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic to everyone. It’s a very worth-taking time to visit this clinic.

I’m a having an upper back pain for many years and this clinic helped me relieved this pain. For many years and months i frequently visiting massage clinics to ease those pains, and i never know that chiropractic is a solution.

Jigs Balane Avatar
Jigs Balane


• Provided that you follow the program consistently, you will improve [guaranteed].
• I’ve been experiencing back and hip pains for years. Bad posture, plus carrying heavy things during my youth, gave me scoliosis and other hip problems. Been going to different therapists in the hopes of getting better but most of them only momentarily relieved the pain. During the pandemic, probably because of the change in work environment and the added stress, the pain got worse. It reached a point where my back and hip hurt so bad, I couldn’t sit for more than 1 hour.
• With Doc Rob, in the first 3 sessions, my back pain instantly disappeared. I only went to massages to relax because there was literally no more pain.
• My hip took longer since I’ve busted it way back. I’m currently in Session 22 and the pain is almost gone. I can definitely sit normally and for a long time. No worries of sitting in long flights and having sudden pains.
• Because I didn’t have any more back and hip pains, I’ve had better sleep and am able to do more than I did before.

Customer Friendly
• From the receptionists to the doctors the place is very friendly and welcoming. I’ve been here 22 times and every time, I am welcomed with a smile and warm greetings.
• Everything, the program and the payment plans, are explained properly. Doctors are honest and straight to the point when addressing questions or concerns. So don't be shy if you have worries or if something's bothering you.
• The place is very homey. Doesn’t feel like you’re going to a clinic at all.

For first timers, the popping might be a bit scary but just relax and trust the doctors. It will become really relaxing soon and you’ll be looking forward to your next visit. :)

Thank you so much for helping me, Doc Rob and Doc Jill. ❤️

Jayaps Ong Avatar
Jayaps Ong

Doc Rob is very hands on and the staff are very accommodating. Kudos as well to Doc Jill and Doc Lan.


Rafael Amores Jr. Avatar
Rafael Amores Jr.

You’ll feel better after a few sessions.🥰 I got migraine almost everyday that’s why i have decided to try chiropractic adjustment and after I have tried this kind of therapy done by Doc Rob himself it really helps and my migraine’s not bothering me now and I hope it lasts long.. that’s why I highly recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Clinic. ❤️❤️❤️

Assyla Yam Avatar
Assyla Yam

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Nqour Jobelihle Avatar
Nqour Jobelihle

If you want to feel better see doc rob!

Janet Ds Reyes Avatar
Janet Ds Reyes

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Farouk De Buzz Smith Avatar
Farouk De Buzz Smith

Highly recommended Chiropractic Clinic. Went to see a lot of Chiropractors but this is the one I find suitable for my schedule and also the price. I thank Doc Michael Boychuk for helping me understand what causes my back pain and headaches, and for the staff for having a warm welcome.

Han Nah Ellor Avatar
Han Nah Ellor

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Nick Chris Avatar
Nick Chris

Highly recommended Chiropractic,. Friendly staff and doctor! Keep it up.

Jayson Gaudiano Avatar
Jayson Gaudiano

Dr Rob Chiropractic Makati Branch is a very nice place.
Dr. Michael and the staffs are friendly and very accommodating. You can feel at home everytime you visit.
Dr Michael is a great chiropractor also, you will be at eased and relieved every sessions done.

Anna Matias Avatar
Anna Matias

we seen that doc michael is a great chiropractic... had a beautiful place and had a good service to their customers...

Mary Bee Olaso Avatar
Mary Bee Olaso

we seen that doc rob is a great chiropractic... had a beautiful place and had a good service to their customers...

Mary Bee Olaso Avatar
Mary Bee Olaso

Dr. Michael is great!!!
Staffs in Makati branch are very accommodating and nice...

Eugene BC Avatar
Eugene BC

Dr Rob’s clinic is Number one in Chiropractic practice here in Manila very professional great in taking care of your joints or body the facility and staff are complete with all your needs and great customer service, I personally, is always satisfied with the professionalism of Dr Rob.. my neck pain and back pain feels great, I’m playing better golf, thank you and God bless..

Rinaldo Ravanera Avatar
Rinaldo Ravanera

Every adjustment gave me relief whenever I feel this stiffness, especially in the neck. It also helps me have a better posture. They have a very accommodating staff. Days are better with every adjustment.

Jam Sev Ibarra Avatar
Jam Sev Ibarra

its really helpful chiropractic nowadays to improve our postures aswell as health concern❤️👍

Jr Alba Avatar
Jr Alba

Doc Rob’s Chiropractic - The staff here in Makati is very accommodating and hospitable. :) Doc Michael is also a very good chiropractor and takes care of me well. After the first session, I already felt relieved and better!

Charmaine Ranada Avatar
Charmaine Ranada

Instant relief after each session! My energy is back, all my body aches and pains are gone.

Mags Vazquez Surtida Avatar
Mags Vazquez Surtida

all staff and doc are friendly, and will always remind us our appointment date so we won't miss out any section.

after my section will feel body become relax and light.

the staff will also recommend pillow for better sit position, plus needed vitamin at our daily life

Ivy Scor Pio Avatar
Ivy Scor Pio

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Sara Dushku Avatar
Sara Dushku

I am on my 4th sessions now. Last Aug. 01, 2022, I was hesitant to go to the clinic because I had shortness in breathing that time caused by asthma attack, Dr. Rob wasn't there so Doc Mike do all the procedure. Through the magical hands of Dr. Mike, I am relieved from the pain. Thank you Dr. Rob and Dr. Mike for being a lifesaver to those who are in pain. God bless you all!

Gloria Santiago Potot Avatar
Gloria Santiago Potot

Great medical clinic, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. The staff are friendly(Thank you so much Ms. Joy & Mr. Jose) and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care.

Sonny Cotoner Zacarias Avatar
Sonny Cotoner Zacarias

I have lower and upper back pain that also creates different sorts of discomfort. Initially, I just went here for the consultation and 1 session but instead I took 8 sessions even though the recommendation needs more than that since the pain has been there for quite some time. Anyway, I’m very pleased, there is a huge improvement specially on my upper back. I hope to come back soon and continue the whole program. Thanks again Doc Rob and to your team!

Robert Lopez Jr. Avatar
Robert Lopez Jr.

I was never known to have the best posture since I can’t remember when. With that, I started to feel back pain, stiffness, etc. which can also be results of not being so young anymore.

Decided to consult Doc Rob to see if chiropractic treatment/adjusments can help me. From the very first session, my lower back pain was noticeably relieved, and it’s just been great each session after that. Will definitely recommend to everyone! Plus the reminders on posture and activities that I need to keep an eye on. ❤️

Rhonan-Rain Conejos Avatar
Rhonan-Rain Conejos

Hello, ive been trying to book an appointment but have had no luck. My efforts have been via sms and fb messenger. May i ask the best way to make a schedule please? Thank you.

Miggy Matute Avatar
Miggy Matute

Great Chiropractic Doctor! I feel better now when i woke up in the morning.
Thanks Doc Rob?

JM San Pedro Avatar
JM San Pedro

Went for my consultation and availed their package. Highly recommend it! Staffs are very accommodating.

Rendell Fortes Avatar
Rendell Fortes

I’ve been coming here for a while now, and the adjustments and regular maintenance with Dr Pierrot Henz is very effective in sustaining a long-lived healing process. Thank you!
And thank you to the staff at the clinic for making the place feel warm and welcoming always!

Moh Mo Avatar
Moh Mo

Seen at very short notice, from first arriving in clinic met by very friendly Ms Ana, made to feel at ease, all staff were fantastic, did a thorough assessment first before any realignment carried out, once realignment done felt straight away the difference, thank you for everything, John from Scotland

John Toshack Avatar
John Toshack

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Folake Ojumu Avatar
Folake Ojumu

recently had a minor accident to tricycle And turn UP side down 2X as a passenger.
I had a lower left back pain And Dr Rob’s stretch align And feel better right now as 1st session, & avail his recomendation me 32 sessions at timog branch QC

And trying Physiotherapy exercises too
Thank u again Dr Rob see u soon

Rubio Jordz Avatar
Rubio Jordz

Thank you so much Dr. Pierrot, you are such a Gods gift to me. thanks for easing my pains. And thank you also to the beautiful ladies for being such a accommodating. keep it up. ?

Gina Batacan Mojica Avatar
Gina Batacan Mojica

It helps to improve my back pain and prevent my scoliosis

Raven Maraña Avatar
Raven Maraña

I highly Recommended Doc Rob's Chiropractic Alabang ,

I had a wonderful experience in having my sessions in Doc Rob's alabang branch.The staff are very professional and Doctor is very helpful in addressing my issues.Highly recommended!

Best experience. I feel amazing Everytime!

The best chiropractor I have ever been to . Very hard working the staff ❤️?

Miriam Rodriguez Avatar
Miriam Rodriguez

One year and a month patient with my wife. Before that, I always have some intermittent back pain because I always drive I decided that it would be beneficial to consult with a Chiropractor. Felt way better after just my first visit. Also, Thank you to the charrming Ladies and to Doc he is very accomodating to my request and I like his Chiro way of treatment.

Alex Mina Avatar
Alex Mina

Already in 1year! I've had a great experience! I already feel the difference from my adjustments and have much less discomfort and pain especially my monthly migraine! My posture has improved a lot! Other than that the clinic is always very neat and clean. The front desk ladies are very professional, friendly and very helpful. Doc is great and always patient in listening to our questions concerns and problems and offer solutions. Also I love his very soft and malakas crack sounds! :D Thank you Doc Rob's Chiropractic Alabang! ??

Katherine Julianda Casais Mina Avatar
Katherine Julianda Casais Mina

Highly recommended! Helped so much with with my neck pain. Great and friendly staff and I always look forward to my visits.

Gailie De Leon Huelgas Avatar
Gailie De Leon Huelgas

one of the most satisfying chiropractic sessions I tried.

Lordy Danklarc Avatar
Lordy Danklarc

Highly recommended! Big thanks to Doc Pierro & Staff :) Bye back pain & neck pain ;)

Omar Toufiq Mendoza Avatar
Omar Toufiq Mendoza

Highly recommended this Clinic! The best chiro doctor & staff! Thank you Doc Pierro! See you on my next visit!

Alvin Mendoza Avatar
Alvin Mendoza

Having Headache, Neck pain almost everyday & Lower back pain due to sitting for a long time. Chiropractic adjustment helped me feel great! To those who haven't tried chiropractic..This is a good investment for your health.. Highly Recommended DOC ROB’S CHIROPRACTIC MAKATI BRANCH. Try it to believe it! Salute also to their friendly staffs! ??

Pao Ladra Avatar
Pao Ladra

My husband recover from sciatica after finishing corrective session (32 sessions) for 56k ??

We save a lot compare to herniated disc surgery which cost almost 600k.

Thank you so much Doc Rob???

Karen Barretto Mortiz Avatar
Karen Barretto Mortiz

The best!
Highly recommended ang Doc Rob’s Alabang branch para sa mga gustong gumaling for their backpains, scoliosis etc. Thanks to Doc Pierrot and to all beautiful staffs. ?

Baron Emmanuel Avatar
Baron Emmanuel

Even if we’re all the way from Tagaytay, we try our best to make time for our adjustments at least 2x a week. Regular Chiropractic care has helped us with
aches and pains and now that we are pregnant again, there are lots of benefits from it. Feeling better truly begins from within; so happy with Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Alabang!

Katrina Ambion Avatar
Katrina Ambion

Thank you Doc Rob's Alabang. very accommodating ang mga staffs. I can feel the defference by just doing the first session and after my 32 session with them I felt way better. highly recommended.

Darlene Nocum Avatar
Darlene Nocum

Not watching my posture while working from home for 2 years during the pandemic & all the past years of body wear and tear have resulted in extreme lower back pain.

This has affected my movement and I often feel stiffness in my back.

For some time, I've been dependent on pain relievers, but the pain won't go away.

Yesterday, I then decided to visit Doc Rob's Chiropractic Clinic and had my very first chiropractic adjustment where I felt instant relief and release of all the stress.

It was indeed amazing, and surely for others whose suffering was greater, they would likely call it a miracle.

I went there again this morning and I felt even better.

It's all worth a visit.❤

Maria Marra Avatar
Maria Marra

?Got my first adjustment.

Paul Sanchez Avatar
Paul Sanchez

I had an accident before while I was onboard the ship, when I lifted heavy object resulting to Lumbosacral strain/disc bulges between L4-L5; L5-S1.
I though I could not go back to my work because of the pain that I feel everyday and I could not even sleep well every night.
But after Doc Rob corrected and aligned my spine, here I am, back to my workplace onboard and feeling more better than before...??
Thank you so much to Doc Rob and also to Doc Jill and to all the staff. I am glad that I came to your clinic. I am truly satisfied patient???
Highly recommended to all..??

Rjmayeth Bautista Avatar
Rjmayeth Bautista

I am on my 5th package now ❤ I love my adjustments. It relieves me of stiffness, so I am able to move around more comfortably, especially now that I am in front of the computer for 9h/day. The best doctor for my spine ❤❤❤

Esther Choa Ng Avatar
Esther Choa Ng

Very accommodating staff and clean space. Super galing din ng doctors. Would recommend!

Meca Camillon Avatar
Meca Camillon

Thankyou Dr. Pierro and to the staff i highly recommended Doc Robs Alabang .The best kayo! thankyousomuch:)

Lilibeth Privado Avatar
Lilibeth Privado

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Elkanah Danladi Avatar
Elkanah Danladi

I had sudden severe low back pain last February. I cannot tolerate even a 5-min walk. It was too painful and somehow debilitating.

I consulted Dr. Rob’s Chiropractic in Westgate Alabang and started spine alignment 2-3 times per week (before I go to work and before I go to church). I decided to do the therapies faithfully because I desperately wanted resolution of symptoms.

I had my 13th session today (6 weeks after my first consult) and I have better mobility and lesser pain; better sleep, lesser episodes of stiffed neck, less painful dysmenorrhea, better bowel movement, better posture and no more migraines.

In fact, I was able to speak while standing before a live audience for 1.5 hours last week. I also served through music ministry in church the day after. Amazed and thankful for that!

What a joy to realize that healing is possible and there are people/doctors who are available, able and willing to help!

Shoutout to Dr. Jill Chapman for being an excellent doctor and for her encouraging words every single time I’d come for consult. I love it when she says “I memorize her spine”. I admire such joy and mastery in doing what she loves to do.

Thanks also to Dr. Storm and Dr. Pierrot for your competence and kindness. Thank you Alabang Branch for the admirable hospitality and great accommodation.

I am yet to finish 30 more sessions and I am looking forward for more good news and evidences of healing.

Jazzie Burgos Avatar
Jazzie Burgos

Overall wonderful experience. Felt way better
after just my first visit! After months of having
back problems, the pain i felt before is now
gone. The staff and doctors are very
accommodating and friendly. Super grateful
for this clinic ??

Renella R. Wagan Avatar
Renella R. Wagan

Have an excellent and progressive experience during my entire sessions

Timothy Mark Estanislao Avatar
Timothy Mark Estanislao

ang laking tulong po sa akin ng chiro kac palaging sumasakit ang lower back ko at may scoliosis din ako .the best chiropractic here in the philippines.highly recomend po .mababait din po ang staff.thank you doc.rob maraming maraming salamat po . 100% ok na po ako and thank you doc .jill din po .

Angel Todoc Avatar
Angel Todoc

After months of terrible shoulder pain, severe migraine headaches and just an overall feeling of tiredness, my husband gifted me the “GIFT OF WELLNESS”. My back feels a million times better every time I get it adjusted. I feel so much better than I did when I first came. Thank you so much to all the doctors and staff of Makati Clinic especially to Doctor Jill. She’s amazing! ❤️

Karen Joy Bulaclac Gonzales Avatar
Karen Joy Bulaclac Gonzales

All the doctors and staff are very accommodating and friendly. The back pain I’ve been suffering for years is now gone. I will be forever grateful.

Regine Javier Avatar
Regine Javier

Awesome staff and always a great Chiro experience!!!! ❤️

Rain Ramos Avatar
Rain Ramos

Highly recommended! Doc Jill is very friendly and accomodating to all my inquiries as well as the staffs. They feel me healthy every session. Love their promos as well.. ?

Lao-Marcaida Patricia Avatar
Lao-Marcaida Patricia

Still on my 2nd session but mu lower back pain has lessened and I feel more flexible. Staffs are very accommodating and friendly.

Monneth Thiger David-Castaneda Avatar
Monneth Thiger David-Castaneda

Highly recommended! Very good staff and Doctor.Friendly and accomodating.Good job?

Myrna Guilalas Canlapan Avatar
Myrna Guilalas Canlapan

Been struggling with aching shoulders for years. Two sessions were all it took to ease the pain ?. Taking more session to re-align my hips.

Kella Ortega Avatar
Kella Ortega

Started 5yrs ago and still giving the best experience in terms of relieving the pain and relaxes the spine especially having a disc bulge. Thank you Doc Rob! Hoping that you could help more people regarding lower back pains and wishing all of your branches to grow and spread throughout the country. More power to Doc Rob Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic!?

Leodin Tamayo Avatar
Leodin Tamayo

Nice place, awesome service and gwapo kays doc rob. ? Haha

Jamboi Ikuta Avatar
Jamboi Ikuta

I had my first session here and i feel really relived after it it decrease the pain i have in my back and it does feel ??Good ?

Vaness Aguila Avatar
Vaness Aguila

I am one of Doc Rob's patient for a few months now and overtime i feel very great with my spine.
Great Service!

Let Doc Rob take care of your chiropractic concerns! Visit him at his central wellness clinic in Timog, QC

Nikko Lehnert

Nel Cabrera Avatar
Nel Cabrera

i had my back and ankle problem but now it getting better i love this place and the staff are lovely and kind thank u
Doc Rob

Edmarc Manzano Avatar
Edmarc Manzano

After trying of different PT, only Chiropractic adjustment helps my back pain. Thank you so much to the Doctor and staff are very accommodating. Highly recommended for their good and quality service! The Clinic is so Clean & always sanitized.

Juana Aggarao Girado Avatar
Juana Aggarao Girado

It is good for your back bone it helps with the back pains I have ✨

Vaness Aguila Avatar
Vaness Aguila

super relaxing. best chiropractor!! must try :)

Oliver Pulido Avatar
Oliver Pulido

Good technique and happy, accommodating staff.

John Recio Avatar
John Recio

thanks to doc robs chiropractic my stiffneck is gone!

Eduard Organes Avatar
Eduard Organes

best chiropractic clinic in the philippines great price range and very healthful

Carlo Rosales Avatar
Carlo Rosales

highly recommended! ?thank you doc rob!

Joseph Leeroy Castro Avatar
Joseph Leeroy Castro

thank you doc rob for the help

Eric Barbo Avatar
Eric Barbo

Thank you Doc Rob. Your clinic is such a great help???

Ana Liza Garcia Peciller Avatar
Ana Liza Garcia Peciller

Worth it to go to this clinic, they have good service and all the staff are kind and friendly. Must try ?

Christine Diane Avatar
Christine Diane

From the first session, I was able to get relief from some of my back pain considering the severity of my condition. They were able to explain the process and procedures and reassured us that all the crackles were normal. The desk staff are also very friendly and accommodating. Would recommend to anyone!

Cristian Bacal Avatar
Cristian Bacal

Always an excellent chiro experience every week! Very friendly doctors and staff especially Anna and Denise!! Keep it up Makati team!

Justin Gonzalez Avatar
Justin Gonzalez

So when I first came here, I have back pain and shoulder pain but now its a little bit okay. I'm still doing chiropractic now to feel a lot better.

Rudi Oei Avatar
Rudi Oei

Thank you Doc Michael for treating my backpain! As a student your adjustment really help my back and posture. No more pain, I highly recommended to anyone especially to students like me.I salute also to kela atee very accommodating and kind.??✨✨✨

Ria De Guzman Avatar
Ria De Guzman

Honest Doc Rob Chiropractic Review:

If you don't have a back/spine problem, THINK TWICE before doing a consultation here. They'll tell you they can treat you (I called up their staff prior to my appointment to clarify this), do a full "adjustment" thinking they'd also work on your chief complaint (in my case it's my wrist), but BARELY do anything to your main problem. Doc Rob told me they don't normally work on wrist issues but told me he can work on my wrist AFTER he does the full back/neck adjustment (which costs 5k). To be fair, he did do some tiny things to my wrist (like only 5 seconds of work). Extremely tiny that I felt robbed of my 5k after the entire thing.

You know how I know I was robbed of my money? Because I went to another Chiropractor in Quezon City who was offering free consultations and in the process of the free consultation, the doctor did SPECIFIC adjustments to my wrist that made it feel better the next day. That Chiropractor didn't even bother charging me because he said it was such a small effort for him to work on my wrist relative to the full adjustment work he does for other patients' back/spine.

As a doctor, I would've expected Doc Rob to provide proper patient care. Thinking of the patient BEFORE profits. No doctor should convince their patient to undergo surgery if all they needed is an over-the-counter medicine (exaggeration intended to prove a point). This is how I felt after a session at Doc Rob's - the fastest I was robbed of my hard earned 5,000 php.

Glenn Matthew Lizares Avatar
Glenn Matthew Lizares

Honest Doc Rob Chiropractic Review (Read Before Visiting):

If you don't have a back/spine problem, THINK TWICE before doing a consultation here. They'll tell you they can treat you (I called up their staff prior to my appointment to clarify this), do a full "adjustment" thinking they'd also work on your chief complaint (in my case it's my wrist), but BARELY do anything to your main problem. Doc Rob told me they don't normally work on wrist issues but told me he can work on my wrist AFTER he does the full back/neck adjustment (which costs 5k). To be fair, he did do some tiny things to my wrist (like only 5 seconds of work). Extremely tiny that I felt robbed of my 5k after the entire thing.

You know how I know I was robbed of my money? Because I went to another Chiropractor in Quezon City who was offering free consultations and in the process of the free consultation, the doctor did SPECIFIC adjustments to my wrist that made it feel better the next day. That Chiropractor didn't even bother charging me because he said it was such a small effort for him to work on my wrist relative to the full adjustment work he does for other patients' back/spine.

As a doctor, I would've expected Doc Rob to provide proper patient care. Thinking of the patient BEFORE profits. No doctor should convince their patient to undergo surgery if all they needed is an over-the-counter medicine (exaggeration intended to prove a point). This is how I felt after a session at Doc Rob's - the fastest I was robbed of my hard earned 5,000 php.

Glenn Matthew Lizares Avatar
Glenn Matthew Lizares

the staffs are kind and they have a pretty good service.

Christian Postrero Avatar
Christian Postrero

Thank you Doc Jill and to all your friendly staff, Ana and Denisse. The pain and numbness in my back was gone. And I could play basketball again ??

Wally Cruz Avatar
Wally Cruz

Very accommodating! Des walked me thru the process and doc Rob explained everything to me. Have been suffering from terrible neck and shoulder pain for many years and have tried massages, they just keep on coming back. Instant relief and with the package I got, I am sure that I will improve. Looking forward to all my sessions. Kudos to doc Rob and staff! ❤️?

Shao Carlos Avatar
Shao Carlos

All good! Very accommodating staff and doctors.

Georgina Basagre Avatar
Georgina Basagre

I highly recommend this glorified masseur/masseuse. I love the whole body massage package that includes an hour of hot pack on the back, Ventosa (cupping), foot reflux, and cranio sacral massage. The foot spa at the beginning and the free green tea and hot towel at the end is also a nice touch to the service. I hope they also offer lingam and yoni massage!

Nick Tolentino Avatar
Nick Tolentino

lately or lets say... for the last 10yrs maybe.. ive been suffering so much back pain.. on and off, minsan ung pain matagal, ung halos sanay nlng ako ng may masakit..
ive been watching sa utube ng mga chiro ,, kasi so satisfying to watch din.. so sabi ko papaganyan din ako 1day..
so eto na,,
i decided to go to doc robs, dati na din ako search and basa ng reviews..
sa 1st session nawala agad ung pain from my neck down to my sacral area. ung tipong yuyuko mo lang head mo, ramdam na sa sacrum parang may nahihila na ewan. masakit po sya..
ung low back pain di pa nawala, parang magka sciatica pain na din ako?, na halos 1 week ko iniiyak.. 2,3, sessions wla pa din.. minimal lang siguro.. pero on my 6th umookey na.. so true tlga, 1 session will not heal you.. imagine antagal na netong pain ko so ung adjustment , syempre di namn instant.. mejo nasasad pa ako, kala ko hindi epektib.
pero yun nga lets trust the process.?
thank u dun sa isang nagreply sa mga halos 10ppol na npm ko sa mga nagreview d2.. sya din 6th sesh sya daw nkaramdam ng relief...
and I think im getting better na..
thank u docrob.. sana gumaling na ito❤

thank U Lord, syempre Ikaw ang una sa lahat.

Joy Ann Dotado Tuazon Avatar
Joy Ann Dotado Tuazon

I recommend Doc Rob’s chiro clinic. It relieved me of my lower back, neck and back shoulder pain, stiffness and discomfort. Thanks.
I still go there for may maintenance. Try it.

Pia Marie Valdes Ramos Avatar
Pia Marie Valdes Ramos

One of my favorite chiropractors at Dr.Rob's,

>>Dr. Jill. She always does my adjustment in Makati branch. Very accommodating in answering my inquiries whenever I have one and gives advice how to address it. Really helpful and so nice to chat with. She may be the only female Chiro at Dr. Rob's but her chiropractic expertise are solid and spot on. EVERYTIME.

By the way, the female staff in Makati are all nice and good looking, it seems to be a requirement. ? See you soon!

옹조안 Avatar

I highly recommend Doc Rob's Chiropractic in Alabang for its effective treatment for my lower back pain.

Jon Encarnacion Avatar
Jon Encarnacion

It’s great to always come here! Feels wonderful to get your muscles stretched and relaxed. They’re also courteous and warm in assisting you. Better check it out whenever you’re around Alabang. Doc Jonathan and his staff will take care of you! ?❤️

Celine Cuevas-Mahinay Avatar
Celine Cuevas-Mahinay

The staff are accomodating. The chiropractor is very approachable.

Ton Argonza Avatar
Ton Argonza

Dr Jill is really great and very accommodating. Very well recommended.

Reign Aibur Avatar
Reign Aibur

Good service. The best si Doc Jill at mababait ang mga staff and very accommodating. Highly recommended.

Jok Bautista Avatar
Jok Bautista

I highly recommend Doc Rob. He is one of the best chiropractors in the country.

Given that he has worked wonders for my husband, it made me avail of his services as well.

Aside from helping ease your body pains, he also offers wellness services to boost your health and immunity.

Definitely a must visit on your list.

Cecille Chan-Lim Avatar
Cecille Chan-Lim

Doc Rob's has helped me especially in my back pains. Almost a year na akong nagpapa-adjust with Doc Rob's and the quality of the service they offerred haven't change. Highly recommended! You get whta you paid for. Thank you, Doc John and kila atee!

Bei Casaul Avatar
Bei Casaul

Great staff and Great Service!

Arianne Jay Buna Avatar
Arianne Jay Buna

Evident relief. Thanks to Doc Rob wellness clinic, to the staff and Doc Jon! - Raissa Timothea Mateo

Maria Teresa Mateo Avatar
Maria Teresa Mateo

The staff are friendly and accommodating. My sessions also helped me to get rid of my lower back pain. Overall, I highly recommend this clinic?

Faye Madriaga Avatar
Faye Madriaga

It is a great investment for one's health and mobility concerns ?

Cris Madriaga Avatar
Cris Madriaga

I have been a client of Doc Rob’s Alabang for a year already. I noticed an improvement on my sleep and the regular visit has helped me with my neck and back pains.

Cofi Geli Avatar
Cofi Geli

i highly recommend Doc Ro'b Chiropractic alabang. it is always a relief going back here for spine adjustment. Always a good service.

Marse Farinas Austria Avatar
Marse Farinas Austria

I highly recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic especially in Alabang because my husband’s back pain improved a lot every sessions with Doc John. Joseph likes going to Alabang because the staff are friendly and very accommodating not to mention he loves Doc John’s approach to all his patient…very professional and funny. Doc John gives a lot of comfort to all the clients both physically and emotionally especially this pandemic but with assurance of safety inside the clinic. I always go with my husband every week since March 2021 and every time he gets inside the car he tells me how the session was and he feels great. A short session with Doc John means a lot to a person especially when he does it with care. Thank you very much to Doc Rob’s Alabang Team. Keep up the excellent service and thank you for keeping your clients safe. See you every week. ?

Beng Lavarez Avatar
Beng Lavarez

Excellent good Doctors and staffs love the ambiance of clinic!!

Ronalyn Rodriguez Alla Avatar
Ronalyn Rodriguez Alla

I always look forward to my chiro sessions because I always feel better after. Highly Recommende!!

Judilyn Rivero Avatar
Judilyn Rivero

Awesome service and expertise you can feel that joint and muscle fix.

Den Capili Avatar
Den Capili

The staffs are friendly and accommodating ? overall, I highly recommend this clinic! ❤️

Rachel Cruz Avatar
Rachel Cruz

The best staff & doctor! The best Chiropractic clinic. ?

Raki Ni Libay Avatar
Raki Ni Libay

Highly recommended po. Snappy Doc Robs! ?

Thomas Ber Avatar
Thomas Ber

Awesome service. We'll definitely back again soon. :)

Hilary Demellones Regondola Avatar
Hilary Demellones Regondola

Highly Recommended! ? Best investment I ever made! Thank you po ?

Albert Rodriguez Avatar
Albert Rodriguez

Best experience sarap alis at tanggal ang sakit ng katawan. salamat po

Ronel Espiritu Avatar
Ronel Espiritu

Sarap sa feeling !! balik ulit ako dito thankyou Doc Rob’s and to the staff!

Jimenez Cara Avatar
Jimenez Cara

Great experience, great ambiance, great service!!! highy recommended.?
I will keep coming back here. Thank you so much.?

Mayeth Montealegre Avatar
Mayeth Montealegre

Salamat po Docs Robs at na relax buong katawan ko?? at salamat sa mga staff ni Doc at VIP treatment sa mga Customer?

Ericson Comia Avatar
Ericson Comia

Highly recommended! Must try the treatment now!

John Ralfh Abellera Avatar
John Ralfh Abellera

Sobrang sakit ng katawan ko dati pero nung nagpunta ako dito ay gumaling ako , buti na lang nakita ko ang Doc Rob's! Salamat po!

Almario Rodriguez Avatar
Almario Rodriguez

The best! Highly recommended.

Ar-Ar Agkis Anzures Avatar
Ar-Ar Agkis Anzures

The best chiropractic clinic in the Ph. The best staff & doctor. Highly recommended! ❤️❤️❤️

Pauline Fernandez Avatar
Pauline Fernandez

excellent service and very accomodating ?

Jaro Lyn Avatar
Jaro Lyn

Chiro is part of my lifestyle now. The best po kayo

Lilia Jimenez Rodriguez Avatar
Lilia Jimenez Rodriguez

I love this clinic super clean & nice! Love the doctor & staff! Very accomodating plus super bait! 100% Highly recommended! ?

Russell Bryan Cabali Cenizal Avatar
Russell Bryan Cabali Cenizal

Super really like the treatment sessions more power Doc Rob’s?

Pamela Diño Babaran Avatar
Pamela Diño Babaran

Excellent service,. it helps in our daily routine to achieve optimal health. and great job for the staff.. Godbless

Jairus Alla Avatar
Jairus Alla

Thank you for giving me the best solution to my Back pain...felt so relieved now. Great service and pleasant staff. ???

Maria Erica Avatar
Maria Erica

Highly Recommended i feel much better now i feel relax. thank you Doc Rob’s Alabang and staff #healthyspine

Bae Suzy Avatar
Bae Suzy

I’ve been to Doc Rob for almost 4years or more I think. It all started with my severe headache, fever and continuous vomiting, which was unexplainable. I was hospitalized then for a week and the doctors weren’t even able to see what the real problem was. I was actually bed ridden for weeks, like I was paralyzed. Until my mom figured out to let me try other alternatives to cure my illness. And while doing my researches, I found out that my symptoms were most likely matches my stiff neck issues. So being so desperate, I patiently visit Doc Robs’ Chiropractic and let Doc fix my neck issues and other spine problems as well. Eventually, I got back in no time. After all those sufferings, Iam proud to say that I was able to join Triathlon and leave a healthier life. Thanks to Doc Rob, not only for fixing my neck and spine problems but helped me realize to live life the healthiest way possible!

Jesse Chua Dy Avatar
Jesse Chua Dy

Enployees are very attractive and nice the service is much more than I expected. Overall I recommend this clinic to my close friends and relatives.

Francois Pierre Usero Avatar
Francois Pierre Usero

Lots of Positive Energy
I was very impressed with everyone’s professionalism also their explanations of everything. There’s lots of positive energy around which made me feel very comfortable and confident that I am in good hands. #Docrob'schiropracticalabang ???

Mae Parde Sosoter Avatar
Mae Parde Sosoter

I have had lower back pain for the longest time. And yes, I have tried all sorts of remedy to address it to no avail. Tried Physical therapy, portable seats that promises to relieve my pain but it persisted. It didn't help that physical therapist does not endorse chiropractic adjustments, the therapist I and doctors I have talked to even went as far as saying I'd have to do core exercise FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE? Could you believe that?

My Chiro doctor laments that Chiro seems to be the last option, when all else fails?... but it shouldn't. Our bone structure needs looking after and regular maintenance as well... When you feel pain, discomfort that lasts longer than it should Chiropractic adjustments should be on your short list of options.

I was on my 12th adjustment today, and just starting to be relieved of my pain. It turns out, my problems were:
- Shorter right leg due to pelvic issues
- The curve of my spine is beyond the normal value (kuba)
- and, issues with my neck as well.

I'm looking forward to completing my sessions to finally rid me of this darn pain.
And thank God I found Doc Rob's Chiropractor. They are very professional and highly recommended.

Visit one of their branches now, and you could thank me later?

Roemel P. Pagtakhan Avatar
Roemel P. Pagtakhan

Sureness that your illness will become wellness, with proper schedule of treatment. Thanks to Doc Rob's Alabang branch!

Joseph Natividad Marquez Avatar
Joseph Natividad Marquez

Doc Jill and all staff are accommodating. The place is relaxing, clean and organized.

Anthony Marc Mapa Avatar
Anthony Marc Mapa

Dating sobrang sakit ng buong likod ko pero nung nagpunta ako dito sa Doc Rob’s nawala ang sakit. Thankyou Doc Rob’s Alabang.

Karla Aleonar Avatar
Karla Aleonar

The best Chiroprqctic clinic in the Philippines. Good services ans the staff are awesome and very friendly. Highly recommended! ?

Lykz Raginio Avatar
Lykz Raginio

Service excellence refers to the ability of service providers to consistently meet and sometimes even exceed customer expectations .
So that point i highly recommended

Franz Bogñalbal Avatar
Franz Bogñalbal

The best Chiropractic Clinic in the Philippines. Staff are very friendly & accomodating. Rates are so affordable! I'll give it 6 stars! ??

Robin Caunan Miranda Avatar
Robin Caunan Miranda

Service is excellent. Really help with my tension headaches. Haven't felt this relieve in months. Highly recommended!

Jerome Sartorio Avatar
Jerome Sartorio

Thankyou Doc Rob's Alabang The best po kayo!! Sarap sa pakiramdam Alis Ang sakit ng katawan at stress ? Highly Recommended para sa mga sumasakit Ang mga likod dyan. More more power and God bless po.?❤️‍?

Axalea Smith Avatar
Axalea Smith

My lower back hurts a lot, then I tried to chiro in my adjustment of Doc Rob’s Chiropractic the pain disappeared thankyou ?

Rhi Ya Avatar
Rhi Ya

The greatest chiropractor ever! I will always be a fan of his?

Jaireu Paolo Francisco Avatar
Jaireu Paolo Francisco

Salamat sa Doc Rob's Chiropractic Clinic Alabang. Ang laking tulong sakin sa matagal ko ng sakit na iniinda. Salamat po sa pagaasikaso ng staff. ????

Yuncha Verrllon Avatar
Yuncha Verrllon

The best chiro clinic. Wala nakong mahanap na mas mura pa dito. Hindi lang mura napaganda ng service nila. Worth to buy din yung pillow na na nabili ko. Salamat po sa inyo Doc Rob's Alabang Branc... see u on my next visit! ??

Jee Verroya Avatar
Jee Verroya

Highly recommended ❤️ Tanggal ang ngalay at sakit ng likod. Good bye back pain. Salamat po Doc Rob's Clinic Alabang Team! God bless!

Patrick Custodio Rodriguez Avatar
Patrick Custodio Rodriguez

If you want to be strong and healthy! You must try this guy's. Chiro is my Part of my Life style now.Thankyousomuch Team Alabang Branch the best po kayo! ?

Eunhye Jin Avatar
Eunhye Jin

I feel really good in my first adjustment , Best feeling! ever thankyou Doc Rob's Chiropractic and to the staff.

Gracia Rodriguez Avatar
Gracia Rodriguez

The best chiropractic clinic in the Ph. The best staff & doctor. Highly recommended! ❤️❤️❤️

An Drea Avatar
An Drea

I definitely highly recommend Doc Rob's Chiropractic I feel better after my adjustments thankyou po ?

Nazrah Hadir Avatar
Nazrah Hadir

Thankyou! Doc Rob's Alabang, I finally had a good full night of sleep right away ?

Erika Punto Jaime Avatar
Erika Punto Jaime

Awesome, friendly staff!! We've been so blessed by the help we've received there! Until our next session. God bless!

Precious Anne Razo Limboc Avatar
Precious Anne Razo Limboc

I highly recommend Doc Rob Chiropractic Alabang. The doctor has been an important resource for me and my family during our years here in Manila. I can recommend him for kids and adults, for re-alignment, maintenance. I’ve had occasions where I walk in like an old lady, and walk out a new woman, able to resume my training and normal active lifestyle.
Thank you, Doc Rob's Alabang & Staff!

Klarice Lopez Avatar
Klarice Lopez

Doc Rob’s Chiropractic is a great place for your health especially if you have back pain,scoliosis etc. Highly recommended for a great job indeed, Kudos! to the staff’s for being accommodating!❤️????

RsGlen D. Mdmasanay Avatar
RsGlen D. Mdmasanay

the staff are very attentive and good service.

Elma del Rosario Avatar
Elma del Rosario

Excellent care and informative. Every session so far has given me a feeling of improvement in my back and neck!

Natassja L. Escosora Avatar
Natassja L. Escosora

Adjustment Of backbone is really really good for all kinds of backpain. i strongly recommend it for all women experiencing severe backpain. Thumbs up for the service also. ?

Angelica Dulza Avatar
Angelica Dulza

Highly recommended ?
Great staff?

Kristel Gonzales Apolinar Avatar
Kristel Gonzales Apolinar

Life changing.. thank you Doc Rob's Alabang and team. I'm offically addicted to adjustments. Highly recommended ?

Jurie Rivera Avatar
Jurie Rivera


My daughter was always fussy and had problems with bowel regularly. We started taking her to Doc Robs Clinic Alabang and she is a completely different baby now! ?
Thank you doc and beautiful staffs. See you next visit ?

Jo Mel Cantor Avatar
Jo Mel Cantor

If you have health issues on your spinal and others try they are the best!
Thank you Doc Rob's Alabang branch! ?
See you next visit! ?

Lucy Bug-atan Butuyan Avatar
Lucy Bug-atan Butuyan

i feel instant relief very relaxing
Highly recommended !?

Anabelle Salas Avatar
Anabelle Salas

I want to commend the good services offered by @Doc Rob's Alabang Clinic.. Suffered from called Sciatica pain due to long hours sitting (wfh) and after 5 sessions, i felt the relief and now getting back to normal. ?

Raymelin Csiombae Dimaunahan Avatar
Raymelin Csiombae Dimaunahan

Very Relaxing feelings After my Session in Doc Rob Alabang Very well recommended also to my Friends? 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shan Salas Avatar
Shan Salas

“First time going to a chiropractor – great experience! Will definitely go back. Thanks Doc Rob's Alabang ?

Lhiz Arellano Avatar
Lhiz Arellano

The staff is really what has me coming back? this branch has a great set of people, they are wonderful and so sweet and always working hard!! The employees are just so nice and great! Thank you!!!

Edward Gallego Avatar
Edward Gallego

First time in chiro ,Feeling Good and feel better in my adjustments all pain in my whole back is gone . The Dr. And staffs are very professionals . Highly Recommended Doc Rob’s Alabang the best ???? Thankyou po ❤️

Angelica Castillo Avatar
Angelica Castillo

better experience and great staff! ❤️

Krisia Mele Rodriguez Montealegre Avatar
Krisia Mele Rodriguez Montealegre

Our whole family gets treated by Doctor Jon and we have never been dissappointed with the level of care and concern they show for each one. The best staff. Solid mabuhay doc robs alabang!

Joevie Sardua Avatar
Joevie Sardua

Awesome experience and so much relief!
Your clinic is amazing. Everything was explained thoroughly and I was so happy to have gotten my adjustments started on the first day. My pain has immediately improved. I’ve already sung your praises and am sending friends your way!” Thanks Doc Rob's Alabang!! ?

Alyanna Marie Marquez Lisbo Avatar
Alyanna Marie Marquez Lisbo

Excellent experience!!!
“It was the first time I went to a chiropractor… This is the place to experience greatness!!!… I am glad I have found True Health Family Chiropractic!!!” Thank you Doc Rob's Chiropractic Alabang ???

Cris Bausas Avatar
Cris Bausas

I feel better every visit. Dr. Jon and staffs are always very helpful and make every visit very comfortable. And every visit I leave feeling better. More power ? Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Alabang the best!! ❤️?

Patrick Claus Garrote Avatar
Patrick Claus Garrote

I have been suffering from back pain. Also, I am asthmatic. I have read tons of reviews about chiropractic and its benefits. Out of all the chiropractic clinic near me, I have read tons of good reviews only from Doc Rob's clinic. I didn't waste time and now I can attest, it was one of the best decision I've ever made! They really helped me a lot. Also, the staff are so nice ✨ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ??

Gwen Aldan Arnoco Avatar
Gwen Aldan Arnoco

I have been going to Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Alabang for many years with great results. I believe in Chiropractic care and think it is vital to good long term health. Dr. Jon and the staffs is excellent and compassionate. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a way to better health.

Abigail Villapando Avatar
Abigail Villapando

They have been taking care of me really well. Every one in the clinic are very professional and also friendly. My body especially my back and neck always felt better after every adjustment. I've already finished my first package sessions and already renewed for another package for maintenance. I'm always happy to visit every couple of weeks. I highly recommend this place for your chiropractic needs!

Donna Marie Magadia Avatar
Donna Marie Magadia

Hello guys! I highly recommend this chiropractic clinic for you!? Very evident yung pagiging professional ng mga staff and yung doc nung clinic✨ They're all kind, accommodating and gives the their customers the right service that he/she deserves!? Still having my continuous sessions here and because of their overwhelming service I always leave the clinic with a smile? Thank you and God Bless?

Benedict Tajonera Avatar
Benedict Tajonera

worked for me!
took away the lingering and annoying pain - pinching point in my upper spine and in my right back shoulder which I felt running under my right armpit down to my forearm and middle and ring fingers that bothers me for months, in just about 5-7 sessions.
now I am at 15th session along with my wife and it really felt good.
also noticed my posture to be more upright.
i am also now back at my regular home workouts, no more pain on my shoulders when doing pushups ???

Benjie Guiwo Avatar
Benjie Guiwo

Excellent service and all staff members are very friendly!

Emerald Grace Chua Avatar
Emerald Grace Chua

Many of us are interested in finding alternatives to medication for pain relief,one potential option for pain management is a Chiropractic Treatment!
Thank you, Doc Rob!

Babylyn Guiwo Avatar
Babylyn Guiwo

Highly recommended all the staff are very accommodating, and with the result of their service 5star. ☺️

Mark Renniel Dayawon Velasco Avatar
Mark Renniel Dayawon Velasco

First time doing chiro and really unsure what it can do. Before my first session Doc Jill thoroughly assessed me and explained how it’ll work for me. Just ended my sessions today (since I’ll be flying back to EU days from now) and I found huge improvements for my back pain that any back massage can’t cure. My neck, shoulders and upper back have always been tensed to the point of them causing unbearable spasms and headache. Tried all sorts of topical treatments and massage therapies, which apparently didn’t work or have any long term effect (didn’t want to take tablets tho). Anyway, since I started doing chiro, those muscle pains have gone away and I could sleep and work better. Hoping to book more sessions next year when I come back for holidays. Also, want to commend the friendly staff and the clean place. Thanks Doc Jill of Doc Rob’s Chiropractic clinic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dianne Lopez Avatar
Dianne Lopez

great service! doc Jill takes care of us well

Frankie Jay Avatar
Frankie Jay

With just my 1st session, I have already felt a huge relief not just on my concerns (lumbar, right hand/arm) which have been consistently bothering me for many years now, but also on my overall mobility - especially that I have been working from home since the pandemic. Not to mention the warmth of the doctor and the staff every time I come to the clinic which makes it extra special. Highly recommended indeed! ?

RM Floria Avatar
RM Floria

For the last 5 years I have never felt the best comfort of my body until I found out and try Doc Rob’s Chiropractic in Alabang branch. All the way from Cavite lagi akong excited sa weekend to get my alignment to be done. ? sobrang gaan sa pakiramdam and I never felt the same back pain and shoulders pain that I am complaining every morning ? apart from that the doctors and staffs are so welcoming and accommodating. Thank you so much! ?

CJ Cruz Avatar
CJ Cruz

Highly Recommended!
Instant magaan paki ramdam mo.
Instant mahimbing tulog mo.Yung masasakit sa balikat mo mawawala agad agad.Yung mga tunog na first time mo ma experience eh ang sarap at maginhawa sa pakiramdam.
3 to 4 years nako dito ?❤️?

Yexel Avatar

I have been coming since June and from the very first session with Dr. Robert Walcher the difference is night and day. I felt that my energy is back. my lower back pain is now gone. Not only that, my acid reflux also improved. Having my chiropractic therapy with him really changed my life. Definitely worth the price.

Philip Baltazar Avatar
Philip Baltazar

Doc Rob's Chiropractic Clinic has been a big part in managing my scoliosis. My posture improved as well as my immune system. Thank you Doc Jon and to all the staff of Westgate Alabang Branch. They are very accommodating and kind. You are the best! ?? To everyone like me who has scoliosis or suffering from back pain, migraine, slipped disc etc. Try this clinic. I swear you won't regret it. ?

Aillen Manuel Rico Avatar
Aillen Manuel Rico

Chiropractic really helped me with my back pain, especially that I have scoliosis. This has really been something I look forward to every week. Aside from how they helped me with my back pain, the staff are really accommodating as well.

Mary Dune de Leon Avatar
Mary Dune de Leon

I always have pain on my back and shoulders and massages doesn’t work anymore. With chiropractic I can now sleep better and my back and shoulders is not the stiff any more.

Im into chiropractic treatment for more than 5 years now.

Olive Herrera Avatar
Olive Herrera

Since I started having chiropractic care, I noticed great improvement with my productivity and overall health.
Instant relief!! Highly recommended.??

Kahrylle Exzerina Avatar
Kahrylle Exzerina

highly recommended for their good and quality sevices that they offered. Doc rob is such a very good chiropractor and staffs are very accomodating.

Phia Pilar Avatar
Phia Pilar

Body pain, difficulty and limited movement that is consistently there!! Thank you Doc Jon and to the entire team Alabang-Westgate branch for helping us.

Rus Uy Avatar
Rus Uy


5 stars goes to Dr Jill for keeping my scoliosis in check, for safety protocols of the clinic and for the friendly and accommodating staff.

Joanna Velez Rodriguez Avatar
Joanna Velez Rodriguez

Its very effective and i highly recommend it. I feel much better now. Thanks doc?

Rodney Pedrido Avatar
Rodney Pedrido

I have this chronic condition every since I was a kid. This condition made it difficult for me to do things particularly lifting heavy things. After my first few session with Dr. Jill, I was able to see improvements. The pain from my condition rarely comes and it became somehow tolerable.

Karlo de Leon Avatar
Karlo de Leon

Super highly recommended ?
Place: Super cozy and clean ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Staff: Sobrang accommodating sa lahat ng needs ng patients. You'll never hesitate to ask questions kasi napaka- accommodating nila ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DOC JILL: Grabeeee, the best si Doc Jill ❤️ I've noticed big improvements mula nung nagsimula ako ng adjustments. Bihira na sumumpong yung back pain ko because of Dr Jill ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Chiropractic is a lifetime investment ❤️

Jessa DGuzman Cubillas Avatar
Jessa DGuzman Cubillas

very effective and my back pain is now ok after 10 to 11th session

Rjay Ortiz Avatar
Rjay Ortiz

Awesome experience! Signed up for 32 sessions and love every single one of it. My shoulder pain is gone and I got the alignment my back needs. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Definitely 5 ⭐

Arig GP Avatar
Arig GP

Best decision ever during the pandemic. Back and shoulder pains are gone. We still go once every two weeks for maintenance. Always a pleasure to visit Dr Jill.:-)) Front desk ladies always very accommodating and helpful too. We love love their U pillows as well. Bought more than 10 of it for friends and family. ❤️❤️

Maricar Gamboa Avatar
Maricar Gamboa

Thank you, Doc Rob’s Chiropractic! I finally found the ONE, the one to ease and manage my back pains due to my scoliosis. The comfort I get from each visit makes me look forward to the next one.

Thanks especially to Doc Jon and to the accommodating staff who made every visit a pleasant one. On to my 12th adjustment session. :)

Pauline Quitangon Avatar
Pauline Quitangon

I recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic in Makati. The staffs are very accommodating. Thank you so much Doc Jill!

I have constant headaches, dizziness, numbness in my arms and elbow, and pain in my back and lower back. Also have positional vertigo.

The day after my first session, my vertigo is gone. My headaches & dizziness subsided and my back & lower back pain improved a lot! Every session is an improvement for my part. I am now going for my 4th session with them and looking forward to it.

Thank you Doc Rob’s Chiropractic in Makati!

JR Esguerra Avatar
JR Esguerra

highly Recomende two thumbs up?

Niknok Diaz Avatar
Niknok Diaz

yes, highly recommend dr. rob. feeling better and better for every sessions.

Cecilia Pascual Avatar
Cecilia Pascual

I highly recommended doctor Rob's ?❤?

Jocelyn Bautista-Dona Avatar
Jocelyn Bautista-Dona

The most accommodating chiropractors in the PH! Been experiencing back pains, but since coming here, I felt relieved!! Plus my posture’s improving!! Also bought their pillow which I use at work ?

Bea Bareng Avatar
Bea Bareng

I highly recommend their fast relief to spine and back problems,..... after a few sessions, my back pain problems was totally gone, such an amazing feeling of having some pinch nerves released. because you'd rather have it solved in slow process than having it in a surgery table.....

Obet Cartagena Avatar
Obet Cartagena

I would really like to recommend doc robs chiropractic theraphy!! first of all thank you doc Jill for everything!

i have a very painful condition that prolonged for almost 9 years, i couldn't even reach my knees because of the pain

but because of chiropractic therapy i am happy to share that the pain is gone! in just 4 sessions but still i will continue the whole 16 session to fully recover from my years of spine misalignment

Thank you again Doc Jill! ??

Robert Franzcis Umali Avatar
Robert Franzcis Umali

Releases stress and relieves back pain

Jenny Balgos Avatar
Jenny Balgos

1 session makes you feel better

Gloria Javier Avatar
Gloria Javier

My whole body feels so happy rn. I highly recommend Doc Robs Chiropractic clinic. ???

Jaja Ines Avatar
Jaja Ines

Felt so much better on our first alignment.
Looking forward to our coming sessions?
Thank you @docrobschiropractic
highly recommneded for people with chronic pain.
#healbetter with docrob

Rose Apostol Avatar
Rose Apostol

highly recommended for spinal manipulation!

Jaymee Setnem Spyjo Avatar
Jaymee Setnem Spyjo

Doc Rob's Clinic is highly recommended to everyone. Young or old it is the best to our health. Before I'm so scared to I had Chiro cause Im CS when I gave birth to my daughter but after knowing the importance of it with the help of Doc Rob..I tried the Chiro ( adjusted) by him I felt difference, I felt relief and my migraine lost and all the pain that I suffered for along time.. It is highly recomended to all of us plus bonus that Doc Rob is very nice.

Analin Alcaraz Avatar
Analin Alcaraz

Being into a lot of sports caused me a lot of injuries. When I first visit the Alabang branch I was complaining about my lower back pain, neck pain (cracking sound), palpitations and a lot of nerve pinching in different parts of my body and numbness in my face and sometimes my feet and my hands felt weak (pasma). And in every sessions almost all of the complains I have begins to lessen at first three weeks I was not able to crack my neck and palpitations are reduced significantly and in every sessions my body felt stronger. And now I was able to do my excercise routine and this chiropractic treatment has given me additional strength to do more. For those who suffered like me please do not prolong the pain and have yourself treated. Kudos to the team of Alabang branch especialy Doc Jonathan! God bless! ??

Ronald Miranda Portugal Avatar
Ronald Miranda Portugal

I was diagnosed with disc bulge at LS - 5. The doctors recommendation was to have a spine surgery amounting to half a million peso in a high end hospital and then they told me that once i recovered i will no longer can manage to do all of my activities and movements that i used to do. So me and my loved ones were eager to find alternative ways to get a better resolution on what I am suffering from these injury. I suffered difficulty in walking while not in good posture, numbness and pain in my right leg that I cannot tolerate even if I have take pain relievers and medication that the doctor had given me, got my own physical therapist and yet no improvement. It's been 3 long months of suffering from my spine injury. Then by the help of social media and doing some research, we had decided to inquire and try chiropractic session with Doc Rob's Wellness in Alabang. At first, we are in doubt to have sessions but there's no wrong in trying, atleast we tried. Luckily and almost done with the package of 16 sessions that I do still continue with them and planning to get another package. Now, I can do all the stuffs that I want to do. I can move without limitation, I am back in my good posture, no more suffering from intolerable numbness and pain, no need to undergo half a million surgical operation. There's nothing I can say but "THANK YOU SO MUCH" for taking care of me and getting rid of my injury. One satisfied and very happy patient here!

"One session cannof fix your spine" - Doc Rob's wellness.

Roxanne Soriano Avatar
Roxanne Soriano

In working as a dentist, I'm always forced to be in an uncomfortable posture. I'm always complaining about the numbness I feel on my left leg but after a few sessions, I noticed that the numbness was lessened and shortly it disappeared. Before my lower back also has its problems but it also disappeared after a few sessions. My overall posture improved unlike before I had to make an effort to have a straight body. Now I'm able to take care of my posture effortlessly and I don't feel any more pain and numbness. ???

Kriselle Subido Ison Avatar
Kriselle Subido Ison

What you are about to read is quiet long? but just wanted to share my experience, might encourage others ??

Prior going to Doc Rob's Chiropractic Clinic in Alabang, I was convinced that I have a Dextro scoliosis since I do have an uneven shoulders and hips (not really noticeable but really having a physical discomfort ) and based as well from the result of my previous x-rays. I'd been thinking too much lately on what is really going on with my back for I am having a frequent back pain and headache, the reason why I finally decided to see a Chiro for my peace of mind.

Fast forward, I already pay a visit at the clinic and I must say that the place is very cozy, staffs were very accommodating plus the very jolly Doctor, Dr. Jon Goins, who told me the good news about my spine's condition after the assessment and tadaaaah! I was told that I don't have scolio! ? I was only diagnosed with Subluxation (spine misalignment) a way different from scoliosis (the reason why, second or third opinion is a must) thank goodness!

Doc John enlightened me what chiropractic care is all about and how does it help and work wonders to our body all throughout the adjustment. Every session is all worth it! There's this instant relief waving at you right after and you can literally say that IT REALLY FEELS GOOD.
My family and even I, did notice the improvements in my posture in every session done. All credits to Doc Jon ?

To those fellas out there that have been experiencing same as mine, stop overthinking, do the needful, have it checked and consult a Chiro for your betterment, because indeed our HEALTH IS LITERALLY OUR WEALTH. I highly commend Doc John for making every patient feel really good before leaving the clinic ☺️.

Just wanna share this quote ?

"One session of chiropractic can certainly make you feel better but frequent sessions of chiropractic may have the ability to prevent aches and pains, or any other physical discomfort, from ever occuring in the first place".

Stay safe and God bless fellas! ?

Mariyatu Barrie Avatar
Mariyatu Barrie

Always feels a lot better after adjustment. Tnx Doc J!

Lisa Mariano Avatar
Lisa Mariano

"High Expectations Which Were Met"

Bernadette Montes Avatar
Bernadette Montes

I highly recommended its really effective after 3 sessions with Dr Jill my shoulder was feeling good and My husband and I were not needing a weekly massage for our body. Already done my 9th session and I feel good and hoping to continue with our session and to keep it as our lifestyle.. thank you Dr Jill and the whole staff in Makati Clinic... I also loved my U pillow no neck pain I sleep so well with it...

Mina de Jesus Avatar
Mina de Jesus

Chiro Dr need some adjustment to regain energy and boost immune system..So thankful to have you guys here in our country. You continued to educate the essence and meaning of chiropractic. What will be the benefit of having spine adjustment. I remember Last November when i experience a disorder Limber Disc L4. I can't walk nor to stand alone. Everytime I stand i need my Cane. I can't drive nor sit too long because of too much lower back pain.I thought its the end of my life. I am paralized and with fear to be a bed driven forever . It was a disaster for me for 2 weeks. Yes , 2 weeks in pain. I had take pain reliever, even buy back protection just to ease the pain but its a short term solution. And pray to our God to ease those pains with long term solution. I know Dr. Rob Walcher his a Chiropractor Doctor. But it doesn't sink to me the benefits of being adjusted. One day her wife Ms. Patricia Javier told me that I should visit clinic of Dr. Rob. He explain what is chiropractic in video presentation. and when he saw me in pain. His initial reaction was What happen? I told him about the disorder, and we make some little chat explaining to me what he will do for 2 weeks session. need to visit him more often atleast 8 session. From the Day1. of my adjustment. I remember he told me that I dont need the cane or "magic Tungkod". when i got home. i try to stand alone and walk without a cane but not successful. the following day amazing I could sit and i could walk without cane and pain was lessen. Day 2. He told me to remove the back protector and he promise that I wont wear it anymore.
Believe me or not after Day 2. of adjustment I feel energize and can freely walk even faster. I can sit and drove my motorcycle. Yehhey...And thanks to our God because I know Dr. Rob Walcher was used by our God to heal and get rid of pain. Now I can work and have my hobbies back..Thank you so much Dr. Rob Walcher. and may God bless u and your family..Thank you our Noble Queen of the universe Ms. Patricia Javier.

Erwin M. Catalan Avatar
Erwin M. Catalan

doc rob is helping ease my hubby's back problems thru chiro ? great service! highly recommended ?

Mae Rnd Avatar
Mae Rnd

Went back again after the ECQ. Experience a lot of stress recently because of the "new normal" way of working. Dr. Jill was so kind to educate me on the causes of my backpain and headaches and how can I manage those pains with her help. She's very gentle on the spinal manipulation. Excited for my next session?

PS. The staff are very accommodating ?

Kenny-lynn B. Baccay Avatar
Kenny-lynn B. Baccay

Highly recommended ? i’ve been having trouble with frequent migraine, back pain, and neck pain. After each session i could feel the immediate relief and all the pains are gone. It only takes two to make it work though, i have to maintain my posture and do some exercise at home or else the relief wouldn’t last. The accommodation is excellent, good ambiance, and good control measures for this pandemic. 10/10 hehe :)

Jannah Gail Avatar
Jannah Gail

i had a good experience in chiropractic first time i visit in a shop my back so painful it take 5to8mins routine, worth it nd helpful less pain for my back nd more feel comfy after my 3to4session, nd also the staff very approachable friendly,highly recommend this shop??

Chatt Ponce Avatar
Chatt Ponce

An experienced Chiropractic Doctor! Who knows well what his doing. Thumbs up for his works in wellness field ☺️

Alexie Palaje Avatar
Alexie Palaje

I had a very good experience when I had my 8 session with Dr. Rob I suffered a very painful back at my hips part when I saw this practice in Facebook I really wanted to go so I deed and I thank God the pain, its gone now and I really want to thank Dr Rob for making my suffering go away. If you had like mine please don’t hesitate to enroll with Doc Rob’S Chiropractic Clinic located at Tomas Morato Quezon City in front of El Terrazzo Mall. This is my testimony because I wanted you all feel the same that I had with Doc Rob he is a very good and very cheerful Doctor. Very humble too.

Maria Teresa Roble Carandang Avatar
Maria Teresa Roble Carandang

Dr. John and staff was very nice! Chiro help me with my scoliosis and I can stand now for long hours.

Key Castro Mills Avatar
Key Castro Mills

Friendly staff. Accommodating.
Doctor is very nice. Clinic is clean. Bed tables are always sanitized before use.

Jackie Bayabos Avatar
Jackie Bayabos