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 5 Star Reviews 

Everytime I have my chiropractic sessions with Doc Rob, my body rejuvenates. I get to sleep well and I feel recharged the day after. Those "pops" are so cool to hear! At first you'd be afraid but Doc Rob will assure you that it's something that your body needs like brushing your teeth to keep it healthy.

His clinic is cozy and open. The staff are nice and accommodating too! I give Doc Rob's Chiropractic 5 stars!

Leo Santos Avatar
Leo Santos

We love doc Rob's Chiropractic Clinic the staff is very nice, excellent in service.We visit there every SundayπŸ™‚No.1 Chiropractor for us is doc Rob!...My daughter feels good and no more pain on her back...Thank you Doc Rob! ..

Meann Mojico Avatar
Meann Mojico

Relaxing and stress free. It will keep your spine and overall body healthy. Make your day productive and active. Thank you Doc Rob and Jill, a great chiropractor that we have. God bless you more!

Lester Llorico Avatar
Lester Llorico

The best Chiropractor in the world
With Pusong pinoyπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

Claudine Cervantes Callanta Avatar
Claudine Cervantes Callanta

Backpain and Shoulder Stiffness gone!Thank you so much Doc Rob!

Faith Pujalte Gucilatar Avatar
Faith Pujalte Gucilatar

Highly recommended. I love the ambiance, their work ethics and the relief after every chiropractic session. Please watch my 1st session here with Doc Jill https://youtu.be/26Tn1sXeo60 Amazing experience. The oil they promote is really helpful for my back when I am at home at an affordable price. More sessions to come. Get their package, you will save a lot. πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ€—

Porsche Tatum Avatar
Porsche Tatum

after 3 sessions I feel better now...highly recommended

Juna Mags Avatar
Juna Mags

Ill give it 6 stars! Chiropractic here is the best! Never felt alive in the past 8 years of my life! My recommendation is get 8 sessions!

Uy Tom Avatar
Uy Tom

to all sufferings back pains

Famanzanos Physiochiro Avatar
Famanzanos Physiochiro

Thank you doc robs and doc jill kau na po talaga ang pain reliever ko. It's my 12th session na today. Sobra laki ng changes sa lower back ko, even in my neck and feet. I'm able to sleep well na and able to go back to work after 1st session.

Mhavic Gonzales Avatar
Mhavic Gonzales

Very good Chiro! πŸ‘
I travel all the way from the South just to visit the clinic...it’s worth your money.

Vilma E. Uy Avatar
Vilma E. Uy

Highly recommended chiropractic clinic. It is very effective to me. I was diagnose with a bulging disc L4 L5 which causes severe lower back pain going down to my left leg. But after some sessions with Doc Rob, I can now stand and walk for more than 2 hours without pain in my lower back and left leg. I am very happy with the result. Many thanks to you Doc Rob! More power!

Vernalie Loyola Avatar
Vernalie Loyola

It's always a joy getting adjusted at Doc Robs. He's so passionate and loves what he does. My posture has definitely improved since seeing him multiple times. Very informative and honest guy. He's not gonna claim to be able to heal you, but he'll let you know how the chiropractic adjustments will enable your body to heal itself. Amazing. Definitely recommended.

Jeremy Kruis Avatar
Jeremy Kruis

Mind blowing from the first session of Chiropractic adjustment. I felt huge relief and somehow I see the difference now. My heartβ™₯️ is filled with happiness and bursting with joy πŸ₯°. No more anxiety and goodbye pain! 😌 Thank you, Doc Rob.

Jezel Magdalein Go Avatar
Jezel Magdalein Go


thank you Doc Rob and Ms. Patricia for being accommodating and generous πŸ˜‡

God bless and more power

Zeres Anne Avatar
Zeres Anne

Tala Vera III Avatar
Tala Vera III

Ive been suffering this feeling of anxiety almost everyday and this makes me feel sick..i feel pressure pain all over my back and shortness of breath..all my muscles are stiff and im always dizzy..i tried all the remedies i know but it didnt help...my level of stress is severe..
Everything is magic through chiropractic..since day one and now on my fifth sess...
Thank u soo much doc rob...
I am now stress free...πŸ˜˜πŸ™

Geoel Marie Quioc Avatar
Geoel Marie Quioc

Went to see Dr. Rob, i have been thru a lot of Chiropractor here in the Phil and in NY. So far he has succesfully managed to safely crack or should i say loosen up my neck pains and stiff neck ,,,,,even my middle back and lower back from sitting too much in the Cockpit of an Airplane for Years..........My other Good Chiro is in Buffalo NY ,. But then again Im here,,,,and Dr Rob is close by.......kudos to Dr Rob and his Clinic,,,,,,!!!!!!! I have felt better and more relax after the first session,,,,,,,

Danny Tan Avatar
Danny Tan

I will certainly encourage everybody to see the best chiropractor like Doc Rob.
At first i had my sciatica pain and shoulder discomfort that keeps bothering me till i heard from abs cbn Dzmm people where i normally guest as an eye health advocate that chiropractor can help me.
As a person who does public service, fate has been very kind to me for me to experience the wonder of chiro care in the hand of the best Chriropractor in Doc Rob.
He can save you from any discomfort and boost your immune system .
Our health begins with a good nervous system . See Doc Rob for your discomfort.

Jessica Ko Dee Avatar
Jessica Ko Dee

Best chiropractor in Manila

Ellen Tesorio Pardillo Avatar
Ellen Tesorio Pardillo

want to get that experience

Nerizza Arididon Montes Avatar
Nerizza Arididon Montes

very accomodating doctor and staff.

Olivia Grace Villarin Flores Avatar
Olivia Grace Villarin Flores

It's effective with my back pain. I fell a lot better than before. I highly recommend it! Try itπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈ

Junn Rangel Avatar
Junn Rangel

happy place where there's kind of people to help and serve you.

Dennis Ronquillo Avatar
Dennis Ronquillo

Just completed my 1st session and I immediately felt a lot better πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lyn Jiron Avatar
Lyn Jiron

i recommend this to you..

John Nick Haiden Avatar
John Nick Haiden

Doc Rob's Chiropractic will help you save from any discomfort and might as well boost your immune system. You can see the difference from your body right after one session so definitely going back for another session!

Eunice Pimentel Avatar
Eunice Pimentel

I highly recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. I had a thoracic dextroscoliosis (i.e. my upper spine was curving to the right) which occasionally caused me back and neck pains. In particular, I was experiencing severe lower back pains, especially during long hours of sitting or standing, which affected my productivity and resulted to loss of focus on what I am doing. As a PhD researcher, it is very important for me to stay focused in every detail and in everything that I do. After a few chiropractic sessions with Doc Rob Walcher and Doc John, I immediately felt great relief from back and neck pains. I am now back in London to continue my PhD studies, and I can say that I feel more energized and more comfortable now, even during long hours of work in the research lab and research office. I will surely make chiropractic a part of my wellness lifestyle, and will make sure to always visit Doc Rob whenever I come home for holidays in the Philippines.

Seigfred Prado Avatar
Seigfred Prado

It has made a difference! Thank you Doc Rob, Doc Kim and Patricia for your advice and treatment. After a long haul flight it was exactly what we needed! Thank you Doc Kim for making us feel comfortable throughout the session. Totally recommend!

Alex Ballantyne Avatar
Alex Ballantyne

Get an adjustment from Doc Robs, you will always feel better leaving than when you arrived.

Craig Croke Avatar
Craig Croke

Doc Rob and Doc Jill are so caring. They are concerned about our health.

Carmela Sison Castro Avatar
Carmela Sison Castro

Doc Rob is very kind. He is the best Chiro doctor in the Phils.

JaimeCarmela Castro Avatar
JaimeCarmela Castro

mas lumala yung case ko, bago ko pumunta sa inyo nkakalakad pko ng maayos, ngayon ngkafoot drop ako, tinry kong iresolb with doc john sa makati pero wala dn eh, nawala ung sakit pero nagkafoot drop nman ako.. di nko mkabalik s pgttrabaho.. πŸ˜­πŸ˜”
may sessions pako pero di ko n tinapos, nawalan nko ng gana..

Michelle Villanueva Pinongan Avatar
Michelle Villanueva Pinongan

Staff are friendly, accommodating, and rates are so affordable.

Cielo Ramores Avatar
Cielo Ramores

Doc Rob is an amazing chiropractor here in the Philippines. You should visit his clinics and get your spine check now! Highly recommended.

Ivy Butuyan Cantor Avatar
Ivy Butuyan Cantor

They are all friendly and very accommodating. The place is very cozy and relaxing.

Lovely Nodado Avatar
Lovely Nodado

After 2 sessions, I observed and felt
some changes. Unlike before, now there are less neckpain, backpain, hip pain and less headaches. I will continue to visit Dr. Rob
and do Chairopractic for me.

Ruben P. Dizon Avatar
Ruben P. Dizon

great place to get lined up. Fast friendly service

Layne Ayotte Avatar
Layne Ayotte

PLEASE help my neck is crack how can i discount for seasion

Jenifer Shin Capate Paglalunan Avatar
Jenifer Shin Capate Paglalunan

Stress free ambiance. Professional staff. Avail of their packages according to your needs to maximize your experience. #healthandwellness

Miriam Villadelgado Barredo Avatar
Miriam Villadelgado Barredo

Best chiro clinic in town

Emily Pakingan Soriano Avatar
Emily Pakingan Soriano

highly recommended for better overall health!

Wilnard Jeffson Tan Avatar
Wilnard Jeffson Tan

yes I want to try this great technique for body pain I'm a reflexologist

An Corde Avatar
An Corde

very accommodating and galing talaga ni Dr. Rob

Lorgina Ramirez Bagusto Avatar
Lorgina Ramirez Bagusto

Wanna try this when I get home...

Gilbert Tacbobo Avatar
Gilbert Tacbobo

Doc Rob is the Best! Kudos! πŸ‘

Leo San Juan Avatar
Leo San Juan

I love this place. Not just because it gives me relief but because of their professionalism and customer service. I just wish I can visit everyday. Thank you Doc Rob. Best experience ever!

Eda Paje Adornado Avatar
Eda Paje Adornado

He treated my mom.. From walking like zombie to a human walk πŸ˜‚ .. literally gumagapang mom ko pagmaglalakad. dahil sa pain sa likod. then we tried doc robs chiro. First Session palang RELIEF na agad TINALO PA PAIN RELIEVER ng Ortho namin. 10 stars kung meron!! comendation din sa staffs na friendly and kay Ms.Patricia Javier na very accomodating kahit 9am palang 😊

Abby Abby Avatar
Abby Abby

Doc Rob is a jolly person that makes u feel comfortable...
staffs are very accomodating & friendly..
d ambiance of d clinic makes u stress free...
after d session..u can feel d body pains are released...
@ 1st u will say it's too expensive...but prevention is better than cure...
health is wealth!

Gina Balingao Avatar
Gina Balingao

Because he is the best Chiro Doctor!

Eric Michael Haravata Avatar
Eric Michael Haravata

Just finished my 9th sesh yesterday and will go back for my 10th sesh later today. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone, visit Doc Rob. He's great as well as everyone in the clinic. Cozy place as well πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

Maricarr Zulueta Torres Avatar
Maricarr Zulueta Torres

highly recommended..thank you doc rob

Maria Annabelle Bacio Concepcion Avatar
Maria Annabelle Bacio Concepcion

sobrang mahal pero satisfied po!

Sorreano Kc Avatar
Sorreano Kc

I highly recommend Doc Rob’s Chiropractic because even on my first session, i already felt the Relief ( on my neck and lower back ). I am not exaggerating things or over reacting, but believe me, the happiness, satisfaction that i got was unexplainable, it was so amazing. I’ve been suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylosis accompanied with severe headache for how many years, i already went through a therapy sessions, with my constant companion - medicines like pain reliever, muscle relaxants even anti depressants, but with the help of Doc Rob and his team, I am now aiming for a healthy and new me. πŸ‘

Ana Lisa Castaneda Avatar
Ana Lisa Castaneda

Highly Recommended Chiropractor Doctor 😁 Amazing Doctor 😊 Thanks Doc Rob πŸ˜„

Neri Ssa Avatar
Neri Ssa

Adjustment is real quick that makes me crave for more cracks! :) haha! Doc Jill and the rest of the staff were very accommodating. highly recommended if you're looking for a chiro!:) can't wait for my 4th sesh!

Patricia Salamingan Avatar
Patricia Salamingan

+ made an appointment online
+ waited for more than 1 hour
+ listened to an intro VIDEO 3 times
+ watched it once
+ met the guy
+ spoke to him for 4 min
+ received 3 min treatment
+ quick sales pitch in the end

Paid PP 4.000

Will not come back.

Matthias Pieringer Avatar
Matthias Pieringer

The BEST chiropractic clinic in the Philippines. Highly experienced and professional Chiropractor.
Highly recommended.

Beau Singson Avatar
Beau Singson

very accomodating doctor and staff

Rommel Serquillos Avatar
Rommel Serquillos

Highly recommended. Feeling better less pain in my nape, arms, knees. Hopefully no more pain in my lower back in the future. Feels good to be adjusted. Thank u beautiful staff... Happy 2nd session to me πŸ˜‰

Yvonne Yvonne Avatar
Yvonne Yvonne

with the 1st session of my Nanay Hermila her neck pain has gone away. looking forward for the next sessions with doc john at makati clinic. thank you also ms. patricia javier for taking selfies with us, such a sweet beautiful person inside out. thank you also for the friendly staff😊.

Cecilia M. Del Rosario Avatar
Cecilia M. Del Rosario

Friendly environment. the ambiance is wonderful. Dr Rob and Dr Jill are very kind. Also Mam Patricia and the staff are so friendly. Now is my 1st session I like it so much. Thank you Dr. Jill. I feel so much better eventhough it was my 1st session.

Milanie Cunanan Avatar
Milanie Cunanan

You will feel the difference immediately.

Joy Angeles Espejo Avatar
Joy Angeles Espejo