About Makati

Traveling in Makati, Philippines

Located in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines, Makati is an important city for business and tourism. The city is known for its skyscrapers and shopping malls. It is also home to the ayala triangle gardens and the Ayala Museum, which contains collections of art and craft representing the history of the Philippines. Also in Makati, you can find the Rizal Monument, which is the national hero José Rizal’s memorial.

Getting to Makati

When you’re in Makati, you’ll likely be traveling to a bustling city that’s full of things to do. In addition to being close to government offices, the area is home to a thriving business and financial district. As such, the city’s traffic can be quite hectic during peak hours, so be sure to take the time to plan your travel accordingly.

You can get to Makati City from Manila by car or public transportation. There are buses and cabs available, as well as MRT trains. You can also take the new Skyway to cross the city in less than fifteen minutes.

Getting around in Makati

When you’re in Makati, you’ll want to use public transportation. Fortunately, the city has an excellent system of public transportation that will help you get around. You can take a bus or take a tricycle from one corner of Makati to the next. However, public transportation can be expensive, and the streets and roads are often crowded. Also, parking in Makati can be difficult.

If you’re planning to take public transportation, make sure to check the schedule. During rush hours, MRT cars will be packed with people, so you might want to try an earlier departure time. If you’re travelling with other people, split the cost by negotiating the price before you leave.

Traveling in Makati

There are many things to keep in mind while traveling in Makati. First of all, remember to write down the name and taxi plate number of the cab you’re getting into. These are usually painted on the side of the cab. You can also get these from the guards in the taxi waiting areas. Second of all, you should be aware of the construction schedules in Makati. Lastly, you should always use licensed taxi services.

For those looking to experience the art scene, don’t forget to check out the Philippine Museum of Modern Art. This museum exhibits contemporary Filipino art, as well as other works of art. It also features thought-provoking historical and cultural displays. There are also art workshops and concerts.

Avoid traveling during peak hours in Makati

One of the best ways to avoid traveling during peak hours in Makati is to avoid using public transportation. The city’s traffic is notoriously bad between the hours of 7am and 10pm on weekdays. During these times, it can take up to an hour to get to your destination, especially on EDSA. Avoid traveling during these times and plan your trip with a lot of flexibility.

Also, if you’re traveling from abroad, travel insurance is a must. The customs officials may require it, so bring a copy of your policy. Makati is the financial hub of the Philippines and is home to the country’s largest concentration of multinational corporations. Although crime is moderate in Makati, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times and use caution when stepping into unfamiliar areas. While public transportation may be the fastest option, you should also watch out for pickpockets and use licensed taxi services to get around. A taxi should also have a meter so that you can see how much the cab costs.

Getting to Makati by taxi/private ride sharing

Getting to Makati by taxi or private ride sharing can be a hassle-free way to travel around the city. While city buses have set routes, taxis can pick you up and drop you off anywhere. The duration of the trip also depends on the skill of the driver. Experienced drivers have knowledge of the city’s backstreets and shortcuts.

Taxis and private ride sharing services are inexpensive in the Philippines. When traveling from the airport, it is a good idea to book a private transfer. You can pay by cash or credit card, but it’s not always the cheapest option. The driver will meet you in the arrivals area or wherever you specified in your booking. A private transfer will cost a set price, and can carry up to three people.


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