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Why should I drink fresh vegetable juice?

Imagine having to eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables daily to gain maximum protection against diseases and premature death. That is exactly what research suggests according to CBSNews.com​. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are not exactly everyone’s favorite, and not everyone also has the time to eat that much in a day. This is the reason […]

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How does chiropractic boost the immune system?

When the immune system is active, the human body gets to repair damage, fight infection, and prevent cancer cells. It is directly connected to the nervous system, which guides the immune system cells to where the damaged or infected area is. Failure of the nervous system to respond correctly to a damaged or infected area […]

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Our Pillow Story

Most people don’t know that our pillow product’s all originated organically just like our chiropractic clinics. We had been living here in the Philippines for about a year & just opened our 1st Chiro branch in QC. I had yet to find an effective sleeping pillow, so we went to the top mattress / pillow […]

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Cow Milk, No Thanks

I take the overall health of my patients very seriously. Keeping them informed of health dangers is one of the ways I can guide them toward more optimum health. One of the health dangers high on that list is the milk found in the dairy section of the grocery store. Drinking milk and consuming high […]

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Keto Diet: Is it good for you?

Since 2016, the curiosity of people about ketogenic diet has been evident through different media platforms including Google Trends. Hundreds of Facebook pages about ketogenic diet are also available for anyone. Even celebrities have a huge contribution in disseminating information about its wonders. The now popular diet is often associated with ways how people can […]

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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Everyone knows that losing weight is not easy to achieve. Countless health books and magazines suggest different tips and tricks on how to lose weight, but sometimes everything is still a matter of trial and error. While people focused on what and what not to eat, when to eat was often overlooked. However, with the popularity of intermittent fasting, losing weight becomes a different ball game.

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