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Our Pillow Story

Most people don’t know that our pillow product’s all originated organically just like our chiropractic clinics. We had been living here in the Philippines for about a year & just opened our 1st Chiro branch in QC. I had yet to find an effective sleeping pillow, so we went to the top mattress / pillow manufacturer here in the Philippines. I was very impressed with their inventory as they had so many different pillows to choose from. We spoke with the owners & they let it be known they would manufacture my own pillow, I just had to give the design etc. I left with over 10 of their pillows so I could try them all & come up with the perfect pillow.

After a couple weeks of trying all of the pillows I was ready to make my design. The problem I encountered with their pillows was a slight flaw in each. The pillows’ were either too soft, too heavy or uncomfortable. I wanted to create an effective pillow that supports your neck while you sleep but also is very comfortable. From my experience this is the problem. The “effective” “cervical pillow” is uncomfortable & most people toss them after a few nights sleep.

After several months & several tries we came up with our 1st pillow. Now when it comes to pillows you’re definitely not going to please everyone. Everyone has different preferences but for me it was important to come up with a quality pillow that most people will enjoy. Over time we have come up with 3 different sizes because well everyone is a different size. We have small, medium & large. Our pillows are made of a memory foam on the outside & a mixture of soft foam in the middle to create that support. Our pillows are also shaped like a standard pillow, there is no fancy humps in the middle.

Over the years we’ve added to our pillow products. We now have pillows for lumbar support, neck support & side sleepers. I feel we’ve accomplished our goal of creating an effective & comfortable pillow. We will continue to modify & try to come up with the perfect pillow. For now, we’re enjoying our sleep a lot more now.

About the Author Doc Rob

​ Doc Rob is a man with a mission and outside of the transformations, he performs day in and day on his patient's health and well-being you can always find him out there in the local Filipino community helping to educate and improve the lives of everyday people with the Doc Rob Wellness Mission.