Rope Climbs & Life

Nobody needs to hear from me that life is hard. Any adult already knows this. I like to focus on how we handle life’s obstacles.

Of course everyday we experience stress but for the most this is manageable. But every now & then we experience a much more severe form of stress. The type of stress that takes our breath away. We hear some bad news or experience extreme sadness. How do we handle these moments.

I’m fortunate because I’ve been around Patricia Javier for the past 15+ years. Anyone that knows her knows she’s one of most positive people you’ll ever meet. She has definitely taught me a lot. Remaining positive no matter the situation is absolutely a great place to start when it comes to handling stress.

Another powerful tool when it comes to dealing with stress is not giving the situation power. Don’t add fuel to fire by dwelling on it. Of course some situations are harder to do that than others but disarming a stressful situation is a fast way to move on. A great exercise to do this is writing. Putting pen to paper & allow your mind to flow. Write what you’re feeling, how feel & how you can improve the situation. Don’t give it power, disarm it.

Accepting the situation & moving on. Once you finally accept the situation & move on you’re basically liberating yourself from the stress. You’re giving your conscious mind the go ahead to be free of the stress.

There are so many ways to deal with stress. These are just a few that have recently come to my mind. In my last book I give some great tools on meditation as this method is proven to be highly effective when dealing with extreme stress.

No matter the exercise, no matter the therapy what needs to be done is forward motion. Without forward motion we are in quicksand.

Life is like rope climbs, it is painful, it will burn, you may want to quit but if you just keep putting one hand over the other & don’t quit you will make it to the top.

Please comment below what are some ways you handle stress. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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