Awards 2021

2020 saw a period where pretty much everything changed in a blink of an eye. Including all Philippines traditional awards for the year. This is one thing Patricia & I dearly missed.

Well 2021 is trying to get back to some normalcy & so far we’ve been fortunate to receive a few awards on 2 separate occasions. Patricia & I have both been recognised for our humanitarian efforts. The clinic has been recognised for Icon Brand of the Year. & lastly Patrica was given Women of the World title for 2020.

Patrica & I are both honoured to receive such prestigious awards this year, especially after we’ve all been through in 2020. We’re so happy to see things starting to come back to life.

We are often asked, what’s the secret to our business success. Really there are 3 components to our success.

  1. Patricia is the marketing master & has a work ethic that just doesn’t stop.
  2. We have assembled an amazing team that believes in our mission.
  3. We deliver an amazing service.

Winning all of our awards is really a testament to those 3 components. We always give glory to god for without him none of this would be possible. We know he uses us to help all people live a healthier life.

About the Author Doc Rob

​ Doc Rob is a man with a mission and outside of the transformations, he performs day in and day on his patient's health and well-being you can always find him out there in the local Filipino community helping to educate and improve the lives of everyday people with the Doc Rob Wellness Mission.