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Keto Diet: Is it good for you?

Since 2016, the curiosity of people about ketogenic diet has been evident through different media platforms including Google Trends. Hundreds of Facebook pages about ketogenic diet are also available for anyone. Even celebrities have a huge contribution in disseminating information about its wonders. The now popular diet is often associated with ways how people can […]

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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Everyone knows that losing weight is not easy to achieve. Countless health books and magazines suggest different tips and tricks on how to lose weight, but sometimes everything is still a matter of trial and error. While people focused on what and what not to eat, when to eat was often overlooked. However, with the popularity of intermittent fasting, losing weight becomes a different ball game.

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Awards 2021

2020 saw a period where pretty much everything changed in a blink of an eye. Including all Philippines traditional awards for the year. This is one thing Patricia & I dearly missed. Well 2021 is trying to get back to some normalcy & so far we’ve been fortunate to receive a few awards on 2 […]

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Rope Climbs & Life

Nobody needs to hear from me that life is hard. Any adult already knows this. I like to focus on how we handle life’s obstacles. Of course everyday we experience stress but for the most this is manageable. But every now & then we experience a much more severe form of stress. The type of […]

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Stuck at home? Try these 7 effective exercises now!

Since the enhanced community quarantine has been implemented in March, many people have drastically adjusted their lifestyle to minimize contact with other people. It also means that there have been fewer interactions and physical activities for everyone. Staying at home prompted people to sit more and move less, which can be threatening to their health. […]

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